The Mojo Hotel Guest Registration & Indemnity Form – Terms and Conditions


Cancelation Policy

  • Cancellations made 30 days before the arrival date are eligible for a refund of 50% of the total accommodation.
  • Cancellations made within 30 days before the arrival date are not eligible for any refunds.
  • In case of a No Show: the hotel will keep 100% of the booking amount.


  • I agree to pay in advance for my accommodation.
  • No refunds are issued for early departures and no-shows.
  • I agree that failure to pay on time and if I am overdue in paying for my accommodation, Motown by Mojo’s Management has the right to evict me without further notice, with immediate effect.
  • I agree that Motown by Mojo reserves the right to remove and store my belongings at a rate R20 per bag per day if I have not paid my bill.
  • An extra charge will be levied for heavily soiled linen, duvets, pillows, blankets or mattresses and use of linen from another beds in the dorms.

Right of Admission Reserved

  • Right of Admission Reserved by Motown by Mojo’s Management and authorised employees.
  • Should Management or authorised employees evict me, I have no recourse or claim whatsoever against the company or Management.
  • I agree to Motown by Mojo’s Policy of Strictly No Visitors in Dorm Rooms.
  • Any Visitors of Guests in Private Rooms are to leave the premises by 10PM. If any visitors remain past 10PM, I agree that I will be charged for their accommodation stay.
  • I agree to adhere, unless by agreed arrangement with authorized Management, to adhere to a Maximum Stay Period of 2 Weeks.
  • Check Out by 10:00am. We reserve the right to charge a late check out fee of 50% of the daily room rate if you do not check out by this time.

Loss and Injury:

  • I can not hold Motown by Mojo and/or Management liable for any injury which I may sustain or have sustained during my stay. Please report any breakages or damages to Management.
  • Please do not leave valuables unattended in communal spaces, dorms or in vehicles.
  • I hereby fully indemnify Motown by Mojo and its staff in respect of any loss, damage and/or theft of my belongings inside or outside of Motown by Mojo’s premises as they do offer basic safety measures to help prevent this matter.


  • Strictly No Visitors in Dorm Rooms, please.
  • No smoking in the building.
  • No illegal substances or weapons in the building.
  • Please do not let strangers into the building and ensure that your room door closes behind you.